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Testimonials - Golf

‘It was one of those "It doesn’t get much better than this" moments’
Rick Allen, The Manly Daily

‘An 18 hole beauty’
Phoenix Arrien, Executive PA magazine

‘The most fabulous day out, what a sensational course…’
G.Bayliss, ACT

You exceeded my expectations with the additional help before my arrival and on the day itself….’
Judy Brady, Jack Newton Foundation.

‘The presentation of your golf course is to be commended, please pass on our appreciation to your green keepers and staff…’
P. Smallman, National Association of left handed golfers

‘I cannot praise your organisation enough….’
D. Newman, Hewlett Packard

‘a real hidden gem…’

‘ well worth playing and keep your eye on it, it will be one of the best in Australia soon.’
Iseek golf

‘Remember the name, because it will become the new golfing Mecca in Australia…’
Iseek golf

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  1. OUT OF BOUNDS: defined by course boundary fences, white pegs with black tops or blocks marked OOB.
  2. GROUND UNDER REPAIR: areas marked by white pegs,lines or spots may be treated as g.u.r also included are garden beds and wheel marks. Relief may be taken under rule 25-1.
  3. TREES AND SHRUBS: if a staked or guarded tree interferes with a player’s stance or swing, the ball must be dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole without penalty in accordance with rule 24.
  4. HAZARDS:water hazards are defined by yellow markers or stakes, lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes. All Hazards stakes are immovable obstructionsand may not be moved.
  5. WATERING EQUIPMENT: all fixed sprinkler heads and tap covers are immovable obstructions and relief from interference caused by them may be obtained under rule 24-2. in addition, if such obstruction occurs on or within 2 club lengths of the putting green of the hole being played and intervenes with the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief without penalty as follows:
    • If the ball lies off the the putting green but not in a hazard and is within 2 club lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which is nearer the hole, avoids such intervention, is not in a hazard or on a putting green.
  6. GOLF CARTS: must not be driven closer than 10 metres from greens, tees and bunkers. Maximum of 2 persons and 2 bags per cart.
  7. NOTICE BOARD: check notice board for local rules.
  8. SAFETY NOTICE: The occupational, health, safety and welfare act requires the employer to maintain a safe working environment. The Links Lady Bay has adopted safe working practices. Procedures to prevent injury to staff from golf balls are as follows Green maintenance: Golfers must wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind or be out of range before playing their shots. Alternatively, golfers may be called on to play their shots by the operator. In the interest of safety players should not attempt to retrieve balls from water hazards.


NB Enter and exit bunkers only from shallow faces, do not climb or walk on steep faces

  • No more than 4 players per group
  • One set of clubs per player no sharing
  • Please replace and / or repair divots
  • Please rake bunkers after use
  • Hand buggies with wide tread are allowed on greens / do not wear areas between bunkers after use
  • Hand buggies with wide tread are allowed on greens / do not wear areas between bunkers and greens
  • Please repair pitch marks on greens
  • Place rubbish in bins provided
  • Ensure that the group ahead is safely out of range before teeing off


A neat standard of dress is required.

The following DO NOT COMPLY, jeans, tracksuit pants, football, beach or tennis shorts, t-shirts singlets, thongs or shoes that may damage the greens.


The Links Lady Bay reserves the right to exclude persons from the golf course & club house.